What is the #JustBetter Movement?

The #JustBetterMovement means we thrive to be Better for you. Better for the Planet. Just Better!

OCA's hydrolysed collagen peptides are produced without detriment to the environment. We are proud to say that we are a 100% Australian company and have created the world’s first Organic Collagen. Free from nasty chemicals & heavy metals. Absolutely no additives or anything!

So far thanks to people who have chosen Organic Collagen Australia products…
We have managed to divert 50 tonnes of bovine by-products from landfill.

This equates to savings of:
✨ 225 888 km of car travel
(44 500 kg of CO2 emissions)
✨ 375 000 hours of running a medium-sized air-conditioner
(equivalent to 1 500 000 kWh)
✨ 373 return flights for one person between Sydney and LA
(equivalent to 84 600 kg of CO2 emissions).
… and much more!

🌿 Follow along our journey and let's be Better Together!

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