What is collagen?

So, what even is collagen and where does it come from? We are so glad you asked!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons. It is the glue that holds the body together.

Unfortunately, as we age, our collagen levels in our body naturally decline and that’s why we suggest incorporating collagen into your daily routine.


What are the benefits of Collagen?

Collagen has become the anti-ageing cure with a myriad of benefits, including increased muscle mass, hair and nail growth, improvements in skin elasticity, gut health, bone health and a reduction in joint inflammation.

But it’s not just women taking it for the benefits they see with their hair, skin and nails. Both men and women are taking it as a superior protein source to whey protein and athletes are jumping on the wagon for the outstanding amino acid profile, muscle recovery and so much more!

But what exactly are amino acids we hear you saying? We have created collagen with a superior amino acid profile, better than anything else we could find. Being a protein, collagen is broken down by the body and turned into amino acids. The body needs 20 different amino acids to maintain good health and normal functioning. A healthy body can manufacture 11 of these amino acids, however the remaining nine must be obtained through food or supplementation. These are called Essential Amino Acids and our Organic collagen contains the highest level we could find compared to commercially available collagen.

We are proud of our product range and we are proud producers of the only  Organic collagen available in the world! Check out the full range below, we’ve covered the main benefits of each one to help you find your perfect match.  As the seasons change, our health and wellness changes too, and you may find your body has different requirements. Therefore we suggest trying our clean & green, wholefood supplements for 8-12 weeks. You may at that point decide to trial a different supplement or combine more than one product.  Be sure to checkout our convenient, set & forget subscription service that automatically processes your monthly, recurring order.  Consistency is key to seeing results with collagen and the Organic Collagen Australia team are here to coach you every step of the way!



Get your glow from the inside-out by taking our hydrolysed collagen supplements:

Organic Collagen

Natural Protein Bioactive Superfood

Organic Collagen Australia’s pure, hydrolysed collagen wholefood capsules contain one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. Given its natural production decreases as we age, collagen supplements become especially important for supporting healthy hair, skin & nails; maintaining skin firmness & elasticity and supporting body tissue repair & regeneration.

Organic Liver

B12 Energy Support

Organic Collagen Australia’s bovine liver wholefood capsules contain premium organic freeze-dried liver powder from 100% Australian grass-fed, pasture-raised, Certified Organic cattle. Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world and is packed full of essential nutrients, such as iron, vitamin A and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 promotes strength and vitality by reducing fatigue and increasing energy.

Organic Collagen & Liver

Strength & Vitality

Organic Collagen Australia’s Collagen and Liver wholefood capsules conveniently combine the pure protein of hydrolysed collagen with the densely packed nutrition of bovine liver into one potent superfood to help you perform stronger for longer. 

Organic Collagen & Spirulina

Antioxidant PLUS Metabolism Accelerator

Organic Collagen Australia’s Collagen and Spirulina wholefood capsules contain a mix of collagen derived from Australian pasture-raised and grass-fed Certified Organic cattle and Australian spirulina. Spirulina is an ancient superfood that is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world; high in a wide array of minerals and vitamins.  Spirulina contains chromium which aids fat metabolism and energy production.

Organic Collagen & Strawberry

Beauty Brilliance + Vitamin C & Folate

Organic Collagen Australia’s Collagen and Strawberry wholefood capsules contain a mix of collagen derived from Australian pasture-raised and grass-fed Certified Organic cattle and Australian strawberries.

This potent wholefood blend provides the very best of ingestible beauty, supporting a healthy glow from the inside out. Organic Collagen Australia’s collagen-strawberry capsules are a good source of folate. Strawberries are naturally high in Vitamin C.



Get your glow from the outside-in by applying our hydrolysed collagen skincare range:

Lip Renew Mask with Organic collagen 

Plump & Hydrate

A highly moisturising, intensely rich lip mask. This mask delivers Organic cosmetic grade, hydrolysed collagen to lips in need, delivering suppleness and firmness whilst visibly plumping the appearance of fine lines. 

Revive Serum with Organic collagen 

Smooth & Soothe

A highly moisturising, intensely active serum. The addition of Aloe, Kangaroo Paw & Pine Bark extract, along with our cosmetic grade hydrolysed collagen, provides potent hydration to soothe and soften, contributing to a smoother texture and more youthful complexion.

Repair Cream with Organic collagen 

Revitalise & Nourish

A highly moisturising, intensely rich cream designed to revitalise and nourish. This mattifying face cream is your daily defence against dry and ageing skin.  The topical application of cosmetic grade hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines whilst increasing luminosity.


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